Time Share

Selected suit jackets and outerwear from our current collection are available for short term lease through our Stockholm Store. By starting this project we are directing a part of our retail focus towards renting, we aim to create a new kind of freedom, providing you with an alternative to buying a garment.
Our view is simple: When you wish to invest in a product, buy it. When you are undecided, need the product only for a short period of time or just for that one special party, the best option is to rent. Our ultimate goal is to give our garments a high frequency of use, in order to reduce the environmental impact and encourage investing in quality products.
Pricing and terms
  1. The Weekend - 3 days, starting on a Thursday or Friday. 15% of full purchase price.
  2. The Week - 7 days, starting any day of the week. 20% of full purchase price.
For more details please send us an email: