Made to Order is a design and garment delivery service, allowing ready UFTD designs to be customized with a logo or graphic of choice (application). Based on your request, and at no cost, we'll return by email with a visual proposal, including selected design(s), application placement and size, which may be confirmed or adjusted according to your feedback. One application type and one placement are included in the listed product price. The product delivery date (usually 6-8 weeks) will be confirmed once the order has been finally specified.


  1. Make you selections according to stated process, upload application, and add to the cart. 
  2. Adjust the requested quantities in the cart.
  3. Check out and fill out your information (no payment is due).
  4. We’ll return with a specified proposal (usually within 1-2 business days), including application placement and size.
  5. Feedback and approval.
  6. Next, the product delivery date will be confirmed (approximately 6-8 weeks from confirmation date).
  7. A start-up fee (30% of order value) is due on the confirmation date - through invoice.
  8. The exact size breakdown related to your order is due no later than week from confirmation date.
  9. Product delivery according to confirmed delivery date.